Brand Knowledge

Brand Knowledge

With Marketing becoming more and more competitive, a whole new set of challenges awaits marketers with each passing day. In Today’s world Brand awareness is the most important aspect of marketing campaigns. Brand knowledge is very important when launching new products and services, and it drives consumer’s decisions when choosing among competing businesses.

We used to live in simpler times. Branding wasn’t on the radar for most companies, in fact, it was never part of the discussion for more than 95% of the business. But everything has changed in today’s internet and social media-driven world. Potential Customers will Google you before they avail of your products or services. With constant advancements in technology, brand awareness is especially important for every business, because of the internet and especially social media the new generation is slightly open to take the brand-way for their business growth.

As most of us don’t understand branding, our design requirements are always situation bound. There are many ways you can go about implementing brand design amongst consumers and making a brand mean something to consumers when they look at it. The purpose of the design was always to tell the people what they should do or shouldn’t without acknowledging people’s interest in consuming that content.

When there is a lack of brand knowledge the design message may or may not be aligned with the brand message. Your design strategies may vary from time to time, but a consistent brand message will help make your business target the right people. The brand message must be the foundation of any design. These messages communicate who you are and what you do as a company.

Every marketing communication must carry the essence of the brand. To build a brand you need a story which is planted in peoples mind through the right message and this process is called brand positioning. It ensures that all brand activity is directed towards the brand’s reasons to avail products or services. Brand positioning should be such that it occupies a distinctive place and value in the target customer’s mind. It’s hard to position your brand if you don’t even really know what it stands for, it’s important to give internal emphasis on identifying and strengthening the company’s brand.

Many people think having a logo and a website is equal to having the brand. A brand is much more than that, Branding is what your company represents. It is not just something that makes a memorable impression on consumers but it also allows your customers and clients to know the mission and vision of the company. Designing visuals is only part of a complete branding exercise.

During the complete process of branding, we try and influence consumer behavior by tapping into all the 5 senses which are the eyes (for seeing), nose (for smelling), ears (for hearing), tongue (for tasting), and skin (for touching or feeling). With the right implementation of branding, you position your company’s products and services to be desirably different from the competition.

End of the day, Brand Growth is a very crucial part of the success of one’s businesses.


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