Importance of Physical Appearance in Personal Branding

Importance of Physical Appearance in Personal Branding

In my previous blog, ‘What is personal branding?’ I have given the outline about personal branding. In this blog we will try and understand the importance of physical appearance in personal branding.

Importance of Physical Appearance in Personal Branding

What is physical appearance? There is a quote which says “Do not judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, every book is always judged by its cover only. Irrespective of who you are and what you know, unless and until they know about you they will always judge you by the way you appear. We need to realize that society is visual and we are walking billboards for our practices. There must be a reason behind retail clothing stores and clothing designers spending so much money each year on marketing.

Across the globe, humans may be similar in many ways for e.g. Country, religion, languages but when it comes to looks, everyone is different. It can be because of a person’s age, taste, gender, budget, the situation or the environment. Even if, everyone looks different have you ever thought, why few selected people leave an impact in our mind although we meet them only one’s?

There are two ways our mind works, when it comes to remembering something or someone,

  1. A sudden change in the pattern or say odd one out
  2. When we conceive same thing repeatedly through our senses

The personal branding works on the second way of remembering things where you come up with a unique look for yourself.

Importance of Physical Appearance in Personal Branding

There is no need to be wear something out of some Fashion magazine. You need to wear what you are com­fortable and confident with. But still you need to understand that to have a unique personal brand you need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and boundaries and develop on all fronts, specially the visual brand front.

Importance of Physical Appearance in Personal Branding

The look involves three things

(i)  Physical appearance

(ii) Body language (Non Verbal Communication)

(iii)Verbal communication

Out of these three, Physical appearance is the first and the foremost important way to create an impact and that is perceived through the visual senses. Physical appearance includes the way you dress, colors that you choose, type of material of the cloth, accessories, hairstyle, for men – moustache and beard and for women the way they make up etc. You need to be realistic and honest with yourself about what fits your body and what doesn’t. You need to do your research. While it is so much easier for us to stress our academic achievements and our educational backgrounds over every­thing else, we need to remember our visual brand.

What you wear or the way you wear it affects the way-

⇒ You speak

⇒  You think and feel about yourself

⇒  You act or conduct yourself

⇒  Others react or respond to you.

Like the clothes you wear, your grooming is a complex form of visual, nonverbal communication. Grooming not only includes keeping your body clean and odor-free but also caring for and maintaining your teeth, breath, hair, hands, and nails. This helps you create a positive and lasting impression about you and your abilities.

Physical appearance plays the most important role when it comes to establishing personal branding. It also boosts your self-confidence and helps being focus on your job and those around you

People always judge by looking at a person’s physical appearance. You might have heard a common line that they don’t judge people. But the truth is everyone is judgmental. There is nothing you can do about that, but you can rather focus on your self and be your best self.

These are some of the tips to improve your physical appearance in every way.

⦿ Take Care of Personal Hygiene

⦿ Exercise regularly

⦿ Find the Best Hairstyle that Suits You

⦿ Be Self-Confident and Motivated

⦿ Learn to love your life and people who actually cares for you

⦿ Try something new everyday for realizing your potential & boosting morale.

⦿ Dress well, enough to make you feel just short of self-conscious

⦿ Surround yourself with positive and supportive people

⦿ Most importantly, keep smiling

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