How to Choose the Colour of Your Logo?


Choosing the right colour is the most important factor while developing the logo. It will help reach your desired customer. Wrong colour selection can result in the opposite.

This blog will help you in choosing the best colour for your logo.

According to the psychology of colour, colour determines our emotions and behavior. For example, blue is the colour of trust, reliability and coolness. Every colour has a special meaning, feeling and emotion that people feel and think when they see it. When you choose a colour, it is important to understand that each shade creates a different meaning.

Colour influences the target customer of your brand. Black colour represents luxury or high-end products like Apple, Audi, etc.

As per the market study, 50% of the world’s top 100 brands use only a single colour logo, with blue ranking  1s  while black 2nd. We have to understand that a single colour logo is better for growth as compared to multicolour logo.

What do different colours mean?

If you want your logo to become a specific feeling and emotion, you have to understand the influence of each colour on a person’s perception.

Why does the Colour Matter For Your Brand?

People notice the colours first. It’s important that businesses also consider the psychological impact that colour can have on potential customers.

Here are five reasons for selecting the right colours.

  1. Audience Recognition
  2. Mood
  3. Perception
  4. Consistent branding
  5. Established identity


Developing a brand logo is much better than just a logo. While making a logo you have to be focused on all points which will directly affect (good or bad) your own brand as well as your target customer. Only creative and colorful logs are not creating your brand story.

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