Your Homes away from Home. Looking for a holiday without leaving home? Well, more or less! Spicy Mango is a company that specializes in connecting you to beautiful home-stays all over the country. If you are looking for the informality and comfort of home, along with privacy and picturesque locales, Spicy Mango has a specially curated list of ‘homes’ for you to spend your next vacation at. An essential requirement of a ‘Spicy Mango Home’ is an abundance of nature, exhaustive outdoor activities, from river rafting to rope climbing and quiet, tranquil, green surroundings. Most of Spicy Mango ‘Homes’ are tucked away in areas off the beaten path, offering you a holiday experience that’s truly one of a kind!

Spicy Mango

When they came to us, they were merely operating under a Hospitality Service Provider name which nowhere resonated with the services they offered. No website, no social media presence or promotions, nor were their marketing collaterals in place. The only publicity they engaged in was mouth publicity. Rather, they came to us as a blank page and here is what we did for them.

Case Study
The entire Brand development process was the celebration of creative festival
When the name 'spicymango' was suggested by Orrigem with the tagline ‘The real spicy of vacation’ I was blown by their creative intelligence
Amar & Kailas
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