Why do I need a logo?


Purpose of a logo.

The 1st role of a logo is identity. A logo is a visual aspect that forms part of the overall brand. A logo identifies a company or product via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. A logo does not sell the company directly nor does it generally describe a business.

Why do I need a logo?

Having a professional-looking, well-designed logo builds trust. Potential customers are more likely to do business with you if you have a well-designed logo. If your logo looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word, people will question how well you are able to deliver your core business products/services.

But really… What is the primary purpose of a logo, and why do they matter? This is something graphic designers and business owners really need to understand before working on their brand identity.

1. Logo Make a First Impression

In 1987, the Titan logo was designed by Sudarshan Dheer, the Grand Master of Corporate Communication in India. Titan is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. This logo is still “NOT OUT” for almost three decades.


The most attractive aspect of the logo is the play with the letter ‘T’ creating a circular hollow around it. The form reminds of a watch dial and the internal parts of its machinery. Simple and elegant in form, the logo beautifully elucidates the traditional ethos and modern identity of Titan products.

In short, you need clear and simple identification of logo. Not a basic meaningless design logo.

2. It Shows Your Customers Who You Are?

There are a ton of reasons why you need a logo. But arguably the most important? It’s your chance to show your clients and customers who you are. What are you about? Are you fun and casual? Traditional and trustworthy? Edgy and tech-forward? You want to be sure who you are is communicated in your branding so you connect with the right audience. And there’s no better opportunity to showcase who you are than in your logo.


3. Build trust: If they like you, they will buy from you.

When it comes to brand identity, logos do a lot of the heavy lifting. You can build trust in the marketplace with a logo that speaks to your target audience in a positive manner. For example, if your ideal customer is a skateboarding millennial, your logo should look quite different than if you’re selling to seniors. Seniors might prefer a more traditional, serif font. Young people tend to gravitate more towards modern sans serif fonts. Sans serif fonts are also friendlier, while serif fonts are great if you want to communicate strength and longevity.

The same goes for the colors you choose. Blues evoke trust. Too much yellow and you might make people anxious. There’s a whole science behind the emotions of color, and you can leverage this information to design a logo that makes consumers feel really good about your company even before they’ve interacted with you.


Yes, you need a logo, not a meaningless design. Now that you know why it’s time to get out there and get that logo created!

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